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Lusthaus & Lusthaus PLLC: Estate Tax Planning
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With a wealth of experience and expertise in the practice of Estate law, Lusthaus & Lusthaus PLLC is a highly respected leader and an established name in providing a diverse range of legal and consulting services.

Lusthaus & Lusthaus offers services that span the full range of legal issues related to Trusts and Estates, representation of estates before the Surrogates Court, Real Property, and with the preparation of a wide range of agreements, court related documents and tax returns. With a deep reservoir of experience and attorneys equipped with a highly refined spectrum of skills and knowledge, Lusthaus & Lusthaus can ensure that all of your requirements are met speedily, accurately, and efficiently.

As professionals engaged in traversing the often complex and challenging currents of our modern legal environment, Lusthaus & Lusthaus applies the very latest strategies and techniques to provide maximum efficiency and economy. In addition to implementing tried and proven traditional approaches to frequently encountered legal issues, Lusthaus & Lusthaus is fully equipped to adopt practical and innovative solutions to new legal issues that arise as laws and regulations change. Individuals, businesses, and organizations look to and rely upon Lusthaus & Lusthaus for expert legal guidance under myriad circumstances.

As a result of rapid internationalization and globalization, business and legal systems are becoming more complex day by day in nations everywhere. Consequently, clients around the world require experts to keep them abreast of the latest legal developments and to provide services that reflect sophistication and across-the-board excellence. Lusthaus & Lusthaus is such a team of experts, sparing no efforts in providing clients with outstanding services and satisfaction and in going out of its way to make sure that everything goes your way.

We are Lusthaus & Lusthaus PLLC, the preeminent provider of legal excellence — today, tomorrow and into the future.

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